गुरु रविदास जी

“The Three Levels of Self-Awareness”, is an original poem by Ritwik Ghatge, written in the early 1970s. It takes the form of a dialogue between two men: one who is unaware of his awareness, and the other who is aware of his awareness. The poem is an exploration of the various ways of being aware of the self, as well as the various ways of being unaware of the self.

It’s interesting that Ritwik Ghatge’s poem also contains very similar elements to the two concepts of the Three Levels of Self-Awareness. The first is that of being in a “state of awareness,” where you can see who you are and how you are, and how you are affecting the world around you. The second is of being in a “state of being unaware,” where you are unaware of who you are.

The difference is that Ritwik makes the first level the only one he talks about, while I focus on the second one to explain how it works. The first level of Self-Awareness is that of the “being aware” or “being aware of yourself.” The second level of Self-Awareness is that of the “being unaware” or “being unaware of yourself.

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