dawud suicide

This is a story from my youth.

In the late ’90s, a guy by the name of Dawud was found dead in his home, with a note that he was suicidal. The police ruled it a suicide and left the body, saying there was no evidence he had tried to kill himself. But, before you can get too excited about this story, know that it’s a one-time-only story.

Dawud was found dead on his couch, with a note stating that he was suicidal. The note was addressed to the police. The police, however, took the note and put it on a shelf, and left Dawud’s body. He was later found by his wife, who found him on the couch and asked him if he was suicidal. He responded with no and she called the police and made them take the note and put it back on the shelf.

This does make us think that there is someone out there that we might never find. And it is a nice story, with the possibility that Dawud had some sort of mental breakdown. But it’s a one-time-only story and so it’s not going to be reprinted.

Dawud’s wife called the police and they took some of the note’s words. But she also didn’t find Dawud on the couch and they never found him. So it was also possible that he died in a suicide but that’s not what happened. We can’t say for sure.

I am not trying to say this is a great story, but I am sure that it would be nice if he had taken his own life, although that is not going to happen. I am saying that this story is not worth reprinting.

Suicide is actually quite a hot topic these days, so I guess we can’t blame the police for jumping to the conclusion that Dawuds wife was the one who had him murdered. But the fact that nobody has ever caught Dawud in the act of killing himself means that no one’s ever heard him say he was going to do it. We can’t know for sure what Dawud did in the last few days.

I would love to see him go on the record saying what happened to him. Its not a suicide story, its a mystery story. I am sure there will be a lot of people who will think that it is a suicide story. But the fact is, Dawud was not the one who committed suicide.

You can always try to make it look like you did.

It’s so hard to believe. I mean, Dawud just went down to the beach and did it. It just doesn’t seem like it would be the kind of story where he just went down to the beach and did it. I mean, he just walked into the water and jumped in. He didn’t take a suicide pill, so he clearly wasn’t thinking about it.

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