defecate videos

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am always fascinated by the “defecation videos.” There are videos that feature a man in a bathroom, vomiting on his own feces.

Yeah, when is the last time you got a bowel movement? Im not exactly sure why they would be interested in your bowel movements. Maybe it’s all the commercials and movies that make you want to go to the bathroom and defecate.

I think the most interesting ones are those that feature a woman in a bathroom, defecating on the toilet seat. They also tend to have a bit of a voyeuristic streak to them, as if the camera is just a window to her body. But I think you are right that the fact that they are also entertaining is a great way to get your blood running.

I actually think it is a great way to get your blood running too. I’ll take a moment to mention in the comments section that this is actually a great topic for a blog, not just because I have to write about it, but because it is very relevant and useful to our customers.

Yes, it is. We have been asked to create videos for the customer base of So I have been researching the topic for hours, and I now have some videos that are ready to go. We will be featuring the same customers (because they are a good fit). I will be taking the opportunity to discuss the best ways to market the same products as well.

And then there is the fact that the topic is actually very relevant because I am talking about it and sharing it with my own Hooters followers, and they are interested in knowing more about our company and what we do. In the past I have written about our new product line and other products we are working on. I have also given many presentations on the topic. So I think the topic is one I can share with anyone, including our customers.

I think I have a very simple answer for you. First of all, no, you definitely shouldn’t share your own poop on the internet. That’s a surefire recipe for a viral video and one that will be used to great effect by the marketing firms that are trying to create a viral video of your shit. Secondly, if you are a fan of our products and want to show your support, you can also send a friend request.

We’ve certainly heard from our customers who are happy to share their own poop on the internet, but the one thing I’ve never seen anybody do is share themselves having their own poop.

My apologies for the weird language. It was the only way we could get this video off the air.

The internet is a weird place, and it is difficult to get anything done when you have to explain yourself in a variety of languages. Ive been a fan of defecating videos for a while and we have had a few with people who were interested in seeing a video of their own poop. We wanted to get this off the internet as soon as possible, so we wanted to go the extra step of having a fan request.

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