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I was just watching a documentary about the lives of Jesus’ disciples, and they are always finding themselves in a lot of trouble with a lot of the things they do. One of the things Jesus does in his ministry is take care of all the little stuff that makes people’s lives easier and less complicated. He is not only good at doing that, but he also does it with a lot of humor.

Today on The Young Turks, I sat down with one of Jesus’s disciples, James, and asked him whether he takes life too seriously like the apostles. “I don’t know,” he said. “You see, the apostles were so serious about their religious lives that they were always thinking about tomorrow and the next day. I don’t think Jesus is like that. I think that he’s more like me,” and he smiled.

I agree with James. Not only is Jesus an optimistic person, he does not take things too seriously. I think that if Jesus were an optimistic person, he would have been a great singer. Instead, he seems to be a much more jaded, cynical Jesus. So if Jesus takes life seriously, the fact that he has a beautiful voice and sings to people makes me think that he is probably going to be just as miserable as everyone else here.

That’s exactly what Jesus would have done. He would have been a great singer. Because he was just like everyone else here. He is depressed, he is worried about his family, he is worried about his church, and he would have been a great singer. Instead, he is just like everyone else here.

That guy is a dick.

My god.

Jesus may have been a great singer, but he is not an angel. He is a demon.

It is a great deal of fun to watch these movies on YouTube. Some of us think that this movie is even funnier than it is. I’m a bit amused.

I don’t know about you, but I think of these movies as really weird because they are so weird and they are so weird and we like it. We don’t even really think about it, we just like it. It’s a bit like the time we saw The Room, except the movie wasn’t really about any of the movie characters. It was about the viewer.

I actually like them a lot, and I like them a lot. I think they are just so weird and they are so weird and we don’t really know what they are. But the movie is about me and now I get to see it. And the main character is so weird that I get to see it. I like the character because I think she is so cool and I like the movie because I really like the movie and it is so weird.

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