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Halloween is a time for spooky fun and exciting events in the gaming world. In the popular game Bedwars, players have the opportunity to collect special items and rewards during the Halloween season. One of the most sought-after items is the Halloween Egg. In this article, we will explore the strategies and tips to help you get the Halloween Egg in Bedwars.

Understanding the Halloween Egg

The Halloween Egg is a limited-time item that is only available during the Halloween event in Bedwars. It is a cosmetic item that can be used to decorate your base or show off to other players. While it does not provide any in-game advantages, it is highly desirable due to its exclusivity and unique design.

1. Participate in the Halloween Event

The first step to obtaining the Halloween Egg is to actively participate in the Halloween event in Bedwars. The event usually runs for a limited period, so make sure to log in and play during this time. The event may involve special game modes, challenges, or tasks that you need to complete to earn event-specific rewards.


During the Halloween event, Bedwars may introduce a special game mode called “Spooky Bedwars.” By playing this mode, you can earn event points that can be exchanged for various rewards, including the Halloween Egg.

2. Earn Event Points

To obtain the Halloween Egg, you will need to earn event points. These points can be earned by completing specific tasks or challenges within the Halloween event. The more points you accumulate, the higher your chances of obtaining the Halloween Egg.


Some tasks or challenges in the Halloween event may include winning a certain number of games, eliminating a specific number of opponents, or achieving a high score in a particular game mode. By successfully completing these tasks, you can earn event points that can be used to redeem the Halloween Egg.

3. Exchange Event Points for the Halloween Egg

Once you have accumulated enough event points, you can exchange them for the Halloween Egg. The exchange process may vary depending on the Bedwars server or platform you are playing on. Look for a specific NPC or interface within the game that allows you to redeem your event points for rewards.


In some Bedwars servers, there may be a special NPC located in the game lobby or spawn area. Interact with the NPC and select the option to exchange your event points for the Halloween Egg. Alternatively, there may be a dedicated interface or menu where you can make the exchange.

4. Trade with Other Players

If you are unable to earn enough event points to obtain the Halloween Egg, another option is to trade with other players. Some players may have extra Halloween Eggs that they are willing to trade for other valuable items or in-game currency.


Join Bedwars communities or forums where players gather to discuss the game. Look for players who are interested in trading their Halloween Eggs and negotiate a fair trade. Be prepared to offer items or currency that are of similar value to the Halloween Egg.


The Halloween Egg in Bedwars is a highly sought-after item that adds a touch of spookiness to your base. By actively participating in the Halloween event, earning event points, and exchanging them for the Halloween Egg, you can obtain this exclusive cosmetic item. If you are unable to earn enough event points, consider trading with other players to acquire the Halloween Egg. Remember, the Halloween event is time-limited, so make sure to log in and play during the event period to maximize your chances of obtaining the Halloween Egg.


Q1: Can I get the Halloween Egg outside of the Halloween event?

A1: No, the Halloween Egg is only available during the Halloween event in Bedwars. Make sure to participate in the event to have a chance of obtaining it.

Q2: Are there any other ways to earn event points?

A2: Yes, in addition to completing tasks or challenges, some Bedwars servers may offer event points as rewards for winning games or achieving certain milestones.

Q3: Can I sell the Halloween Egg for real money?

A3: Selling in-game items for real money is against the terms of service of most games, including Bedwars. It is recommended to only trade items within the game’s official trading systems.

Q4: Can I use the Halloween Egg to gain an advantage in the game?

A4: No, the Halloween Egg is purely a cosmetic item and does not provide any in-game advantages or benefits.

Q5: What happens to the Halloween Egg after the Halloween event ends?

A5: The Halloween Egg will remain in your inventory even after the event ends. You can continue to use it to decorate your base or trade with other players.

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