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A new rain forecast has been released which shows that a significant amount of rain is expected to fall in the next few days. The biggest factor in the prediction is probably the thunderstorms which will be the most likely to impact the region. People who live in the city will be the most affected by the rain.

To be fair, most of the rain we have seen in recent years has been just rain and not a deluge. The rain will likely be more intense than usual, but the question is at what intensity, and how much. For instance, last year’s torrential rains in Delhi and Kolkata were both quite large. However, Delhi received more than 5 metres in one hour in one day. So maybe that’s the case for Kolkata too.

I expect the same intensity from rain as I expected from the recent flooding in Delhi and Kolkata. I don’t expect it to be as intense as it was in Delhi or Kolkata last year.

The city of Kolkata is in a flood zone. However, there are reports of a few spots in the city being under water, but I dont expect this to be as severe as the flooding last year. However, the question is, are these reports of spots under water, or are they really spots under water? I know a lot of people said “it’s all over, the rain is over,” but I don’t know what you think.

So what do you think.

Here’s my prediction. If you want to see some of the actual events that happened in Kolkata in the last month, then click on the image below. It’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.

No, that’s just my opinion. If you want to see more of our events in Kolkata in the next few days, then watch this trailer.

As you will see in the video, the rain in Kolkata has been a bit on the violent side, and so has the situation at the dam. The worst thing it has done is flood a number of villages. The rest of Kolkata is almost totally safe.

Of the two major floods that have happened in Kolkata in the last few months, one was the worst, and one was only moderately bad. One is the result of the massive flooding in the city that ended up killing hundreds of people and destroying a lot of infrastructure. The second one is related to a serious problem with the Nandi river and the associated Kolkata reservoir. The water level in the reservoir is far too high.

There are two big problems. One is that the city has been completely flooded for so long that no one knows how to get around. So when you ask, “where is the toilet?,” the answer is usually “there’s no toilet.” The other problem is that the reservoir has been completely under water for a long time and is starting to break apart. So we’re going to have to start draining it.

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