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For this ronaldo psg, I used the same ingredients as the original recipe, but my version went a little more simple & easy. The noodles were cooked in a broth of beef and onions. I used the same wine as the original, but instead of using a traditional red wine I used a merlot. To accompany the pasta, I added sauteed mushrooms and sauteed spinach. The sauce was thick and flavorful. This ronaldo was served over angel hair pasta.

The original recipe has a lot of steps, but I found the step-by-step instructions in the original recipe really helpful. The best thing about the original is that it is really easy to modify to suit your own unique tastes. I did change the wine to a merlot, but kept the broth low in the first stage of the cooking so that I didn’t get all soggy. I also added a little more beef and onions to the broth. I like it a lot.

the original recipe is a great base for this dish, but I would recommend going a little deeper into the recipe and adjusting the proportions to fit your tastes.

I had a great time with the recipe. It is a little tricky to find the right wine, but I ended up using a very good merlot from the winery that I have now grown to love. I also used a little more pepper to the broth, which adds an extra layer of flavor.

I don’t usually like to mess with a recipe, but this one is my own creation and I will definitely make it again and again. I just wish I had one more bottle left.

I can see where you’re going with this one. The question is whether you should do it yourself or get a cook. The reason being that while the broth is delicious and tastes good, it’s also very rich and it’s hard to eat. So while the broth is a nice addition, you want to make sure you’re not missing out on the other elements of the meal.

It’s best to buy the recipe, but I’ve never made it myself. I would recommend starting with the recipe link I linked to above. There are a few things you’ll want to add to the recipe before you start cooking. First you will want to add some chicken stock and wine to the pot. Don’t forget to stir the soup and add the broth with the wine. Now add a few more ingredients that will set the soup off.

The soup was made without any other ingredients other than those I mentioned. Its key ingredient is chicken broth, however you shouldnt expect your soup to be perfect. The soup should be thick and smooth, and have no lumps. It should be full of flavor, but NOT so thick that you feel like youre eating cake. You should feel like your eating soup. Add in a little bit of chicken stock and some cheese to set the soup off.

To be perfectly honest, I was underwhelmed by the soup. It was a little on the chunky side, and the chicken broth didn’t give it that rich, savory flavor that I would expect from a bowl of soup. The cheese was a bit too much, so I guess that’s what the other 4 people in the room would expect.

The soup is a broth, meaning it’s a soup of sorts. And that’s the key: It has no lumps or flavor. It’s just pure flavor. The problem is that the broth had some chunky bits that I had to fight to get out of my mouth. And the chicken broth had some bits that got stuck in my throat.

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