soldier shot in leg

A soldier was shot in the leg today while on patrol around a high-rise office building in downtown D.C.

A D.C. police officer was shot in the leg today while on patrol around a high-rise office building in downtown D.C.

The bullet missed his leg. The officer was evacuated to a nearby hospital, and his condition is still unknown.

I’m not too sure what this means, but I’m pretty sure it’s bad. This means that the bullet is probably going to travel into the brain, which is not a good thing. One of the reasons to get a gun in the first place is for protection, but I don’t think we can say that here.

We can’t say that this means he’s gonna die, but it does mean he may not live for a while. Hopefully the bullet will still hit his brain though and cause him to be incapacitated for a while.

I was a bit worried that when I saw the image, that it would be some sort of graphic of his body, but nope, its just him lying there. He just looks like a really bad guy. It is kind of sad.

Another reason to get a gun is for defense. But this looks pretty gruesome. It is a soldier with a gun shot in his leg. I am not sure the best way to describe it other than that.

You can shoot a gun yourself, but this is really a bad thing. It is a bad thing because it makes Colt look like a killer.

Soldier shot in legs is a fairly common, and not too uncommon, event. The main thing that is common is that he is dead. The main reason that this is so common is because the person who shot him was not aiming for a vital area. Colt Vahn was in a bad situation, and he needed someone to help him out. We don’t know who, but it wasn’t likely to be his girlfriend.

Colt Vahn is clearly not on the list of “baddies” in Deathloop. He is a good guy, and his death is tragic, but not one that is going to get you killed. But there is still one guy, an extremely good guy, who we believe is responsible for the death of Colt Vahn. You can read about the guy here; by the way, he is a member of the “Big Bad”.

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