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Sumit Kumar is a musician based in Toronto, Canada. He is an accomplished composer, guitarist, singer and producer who has been performing and recording for over a decade.

Sumit’s first real-world album, Vyom, was released in 2012. For this album, he combined his previous experience with classical music with a unique approach to electronic music, and the results were very unique. The album’s most popular track, “Vyom”, was written and produced solely by Sumit and features contributions from a handful of collaborators.

Sumit’s music has been featured on countless albums, videos, and T.V. shows including MTV Canada, TVOntario, and the Toronto Maple Leafs. His latest album was released in 2015.

Sumit K. Kumar is a Canadian-born, British-raised, Singaporean-raised, Indian-born, and Canadian-raised musician. His music has been featured on the television shows and videos of the Toronto Maple Leafs, MTV Canada, TVOntario, National Geographic Channel, and Toronto, Ontario.

Sumit is also a visual artist with a wide-range of interests, from music to the internet to science. His work has been featured on the covers of several magazines and music videos. He is also a musician with a wide-range of influences.

Sumit is a musician from Toronto, Ontario.

Sumit’s music has been featured in several shows, including MTV Canada, TVOntario, National Geographic Channel, and Toronto, Ontario.

Sumit’s music is very much a part of our culture, and it’s always been very popular. His music is also one of the things that makes him stand out as an artist. Sumit has been a part of the musical world since the late 1990s. When his music first became popular, Sumit had a hard time finding a place in the world. But as he grew more popular it became more and more difficult for him to find a place in the world.

Sumit’s journey as an artist has been a bit of a journey. After starting out as a self-taught musician, Sumit has moved to the big leagues as a performer. He has a number of successful projects under his belt, and he’s also been working on a new album, Sumit’s New Music, for the past few years.

Sumits music has been pretty much on the same level as the most popular Indian musicians of the last decade. Its popularity has risen due to how well it has blended with western styles. Sumits success has not been confined to music though, as Sumits has also created a number of projects that are related to his music. For example, his recent project, Sumits New Music is a project where he is releasing his music as a whole album.

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