tamil nadu state election

The Tamil Nadu state election was a tough one. The numbers were low, the electorate was small, but the numbers were still a lot. The result was a clear victory for the BJP candidate. I think this is the first time in India that a candidate has won the state elections without being in the opposition, which is quite a feat. I’d be surprised if another party won without being in the opposition in India.

It is a big change for India. In the past, Indian politics has always been the result of political parties fighting each other, making compromises. Even now, the Indian political landscape is dominated by the BJP, the “party of India,” the party of Modi.

Not in Tamil Nadu yet. In fact, it’s not clear if the BJP candidate is actually the real BJP candidate, or just a front for the opposition party. The only thing is that the BJP candidate doesn’t seem to be the real BJP candidate. He’s not the BJP candidate for the state assembly elections, but rather for the parliamentary elections. The only party that has filed papers to contest the parliamentary elections is the AIADMK, which is a party in the opposition.

The BJP has already filed papers and now the voters have a real choice. The AICC has filed papers asking for the party to be allowed to form a government. The AIADMK will be fielding a candidate for the elections in Tamil Nadu.

This is a state where the AIADMK is the ruling party, so getting a BJP candidate elected is a big win for the party. If the AIADMK manages to win a few seats in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, they’ll be in a great position to form a government. If the AIADMK does well, they’ll have a chance to form an opposition government for the next five years.

Since the AIADMK is the ruling party, this means they will be able to form a government with the help of the BJP and other parties. It’s also assumed that the AIADMK is the only party that can form a government, which means that they can form a government with the full support of other parties. The AIADMK would have to make a big deal out of it if they want to form a government.

The AIADMK is the political party that was formed when the Tamil Nadu state government collapsed in the 1990s. It is considered a regional party, because it was formed in Tamil Nadu, but it was also a regional party because it was formed in the 1990s.

The AIADMK is the party that is currently in power in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK is not seen to be a regional party, because the party is seen to have a strong base in Tamil Nadu. But it is a regional party, because it is formed in the 1990s, and therefore has a strong base in Tamil Nadu as well.

The AIADMK is a regional party formed in the 1990s, but that’s not why we are talking about the AIADMK. In Tamil Nadu, the AIADMK is considered to be the strong regional party. But if the AIADMK is seen to be the strong regional party in Tamil Nadu, then that means the AIADMK is also seen to be the strong regional party in other places as well.

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