trump tests negative

The fact that the president of the United States of America has a sex tape with a porn star is not the most newsworthy thing that has happened recently, but it does raise some questions.

Trump’s test was a long shot, but the fact remains that the president’s sex tape with a porn star is now out there and people are talking about it. Even though most of the people who are talking about it are Republicans, a lot of Democrats are saying the story is too big and that it really should not be made public. While it is true that it is unverified, it is still unverified so that means that it does not need to be talked about.

There are a lot of reasons why a story that is unverified should not be made public. To call it “too big” means that it is too big to be talked about, a fact that seems to be difficult for some to understand.

The main reason the story should not be made public is that it is too big. It is also too big because it is too big because the truth will probably be revealed in the very near future, which means that the people who are talking about it have no idea what to do about it. That is a really bad idea because it means that your friends are going to be reading about it and thinking, “Gee, I wonder what this story is.

Trump’s press conference is coming up next week where the media is going to be given one last chance to explain themselves. And that’s not all it is. The story may be out there, but the one thing that would help it spread is a new Trump press release. There are already several other press releases that the media doesn’t seem to know what to do with.

While this particular story isnt exactly a bombshell, it is a major point of contention, so to make sure that it gets the attention it deserves, trump is putting out a new press release. The text reads, “Trump is expected to say he is not aware of the story. The story may also be untrue but he is not planning to respond to the controversy.

I’m not sure if trump plans to respond to the controversy, or if he is just waiting until the story has the media’s attention. Either way, he’ll give it the attention it deserves when he finally does respond.

Trump’s response is, “I have no comment.” But this time, the press release has taken on a life of its own. Trump is not just waiting for a media frenzy. He’s not just waiting for something to break. He’s not just waiting for a headline to change. He’s not just waiting for the media to tell him that he’s wrong. He’s just waiting for this to happen.

The only way we know for sure is that when trump sent out this first press release, he was trying to silence the opposition. But now this one goes viral and has made a big splash in the media. We can now look at that as more proof of the trump being a man of his word.

The fact is that most media outlets have never heard of this. No news reporters have ever heard of the so-called trump test. The media has always been a fairly passive party of the opposition. When trump launched this press release, he immediately called out the press and the media for their silence. The media was quick to launch an immediate counter-attack, and trump sent out a second press release that was more forceful in its tone.

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