This is my new favorite episode of the podcast. It’s about the different stages of life, like the things we do and the things we don’t, and we examine how we approach them and move through them. As a result, it is a really well-written and thought out story, with a few twists I didn’t see coming. If you ever have a chance to listen to it, you better go do it.

I love how the podcast is a little self-aware, like how we’re all in our own little time-loop, going through our own things. It’s sort of how I feel about the way my wife works, which is that she works all the time. There are always two or three things I need to do in the morning, and I don’t always get them done, but when I do, I’m always careful to do them one at a time.

I love the way it goes from a simple and casual podcast to a serious look into how people view themselves. The idea of time-looping and going through different events in our lives as we do this and that are a really interesting way to think about ourselves. I love the way the interview is a little self-aware, like how were all in our own little time loop, going through our own things.

The idea of time-looping is definitely not new, and its easy to see that it’s a huge part of our culture. But its hard to see that it’s still so pervasive and so interesting. It’s interesting how this concept is so connected to a lot of our lives, but can be so different in how we view it. For example, the idea of time-looping is tied to the idea of time travel.

Anand Piramal is the star of the original series. The main character of the original series that was also a time traveller, and died at the end of the first season? He’s also an ex wife, a bit of a bitch, and he’s the one who has to convince the Visionaries of Blackreef that Colt Vahn’s time on Deathloop is a dream. And that there’s no way it is real.

In the new trailer we get an amazing glimpse into Anand’s mind and the visions he has of his future in which he doesn’t believe he will be able to return to the present. He tells the Visionaries about his past and his future (that he left behind), and how he is the one that will be the one to tell them the truth.

Anand is a smart man, and he believes that everything happens for a reason. I was surprised that he was able to convince the Visionaries to let him stay on the island, but now I think I might have to ask him to be my next door neighbor.

Anand’s wife, a scientist, has something to do with his visions. We can’t figure out what, but she could be a major factor in why he can’t return to the present. It’s not clear if she’ll play a role in the game or not, but she does appear to be the person who was supposed to come to the island and tell the Visionaries that Anand is the only one who can return to the present.

I have to say the trailer for Anand Pirate is the best thing ever right now. I’ve never been really into the pirate genre, but I think I’ve actually started to understand it. The trailer was a little weird at first, but I’m really loving it. If you have the patience to sit through the entire hour and a half of gameplay, you can really enjoy the story. The gameplay is actually pretty nice too.

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