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If you are looking to get away for a weekend getaways, then Keralas are the perfect place to go. Kerala food is one of the most traditional cuisines from south India. There are many restaurants in Kerala that serve Keralas with their food, but if you are looking for the best restaurants in Keralas, I would recommend visiting one of the best restaurants in Keralas that serves kerala.

The best restaurants in Kerala usually serve up some of the most delicious Keralas food. My favorite is the Reddi Restaurant in Cochin. The Reddi Restaurant is known for their Keralas food, and their menu is full of delicious Keralas food. The Reddi Restaurant also has an outdoor section for dining in cooler temperatures.

The Reddi Restaurant is located in the heart of Kottayam on the beach, right next to the famous Reddi Beach. The restaurant was started by Dr. Arun Reddi, an Indian medical doctor.

This restaurant looks and feels like a regular restaurant, though the vibe is more laid back and laid back. You can take a seat either inside or outside on the terrace. They serve Indian food, and they have a great selection of Keralas food for you to try.

You can’t go wrong with any of the food here. The menu is quite diverse and it’s not a problem if you don’t like fish. The food is a bit bland, but you can’t go wrong with the seafood. We had biryani as well as some other Indian specialities- the rice was soo tasty. The chicken was quite a bit better than what you typically get here.

The best place to eat here is Sivaraj, which is a casual place in the heart of the city. It’s a little bit cheaper than the other places, and they still serve great food. Sivaraj has a great variety of seafood on the menu, which we ordered. The food here was just as fine as the restaurant itself.

This is our favourite restaurant, and we were very lucky to be able to try out a few of their dishes. There was a new menu available which we had to try out, and it was good. The food here was pretty good, but the portions were rather small. The servers were very attentive to our needs, and we were able to try out many of the dishes.

Also, the restaurant is located on the very street that our family lives on, which is a good thing and makes it easier for them to look after our needs.

They also have a restaurant called Travancore, which has a pretty good selection of tasty treats. It’s pretty good, but you can’t really get your food there.

You can always go out and see the local places. The food there is pretty good, but you can only get it there if you live on the street.

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