mahavir ji

The word mahavir means “great compassion”, and in Hinduism it is a reference to how one should be compassionate. It has been used in the context of a specific group of people, the so-called mahaviras. The mahaviras are thought to have been the first group of people to discover writing and have written commentaries on the Vedas.

The mahaviras are a group of people who do not know what the Vedas are, that do not understand their writings, and that is usually regarded as a good thing for them to do. You can’t have a mahaviras if their family members are not good in the kitchen, or they are too stupid to know much about writing. In most cases, the mahaviras are the only group of people to understand the Vedas.

They are not very intelligent, but they are good writers and it’s the same as just getting into the habit of drinking the coffee. They are a very good group of people.

The mahaviras are the group of people who are the last people to understand Vedas. They tend to be the ones who make the big discoveries. Vedas cannot be understood by those who are not intelligent. So they are the people who are always the first to discover the secret of Vedas.

And the mahaviras are the people who have the good will to learn Vedas. They are the people who take the Vedas and put it to the test. They are the people who will have the next breakthrough.

In the Mahaviras Group, there are three main members, a man, a woman, and a girl. The man is the Head. The woman is the Head’s wife. The girl is the Head’s daughter. And the Head is the only one who can call himself the Mahavir.

The Mahaviras Group is a secret society, that is, for the people who have found the secret of Vedas. If you meet a person from the group, you get to know their secret, and the people who have that secret are the mahaviras.

When a person asks for money, the Mahaviras will be the Head. They will be the main source of income. The Mahaviras will have a direct line to the woman’s heart, and they will have her in the middle of the conversation.

The Mahaviras are the most powerful people in the world. They are the kings and queens of the world, the rulers of the most powerful tribes and the most powerful nations, but the head of the group is the most elite of all. It is the only one who can call himself the Mahavir.

As the Mahaviras are also the most powerful people in the world, they will have an entire army (and their army is the most powerful army you can imagine) that they will also use to attack other powerful nations as well. A lot of them will be traveling around the world just to be able to show off their power, and they will be looking for a reason to attack. The Mahaviras will be the ones who have the most to gain from doing this.

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