splitsvilla 13 contestants

Splitvilla 13 is a great source for the latest and greatest trends in the world of home decor. There is something for everyone here, and even a few things that are too retro, so no need to pass up on something that will definitely have you thinking about the ‘70s.

There are 13 splitvillas in the game, and they each have a different theme. The first team to complete all 13 houses in every theme wins, and the second team to complete all 13 houses in each theme wins, too. In the end, there is a tie and the winning team wins a splitvilla.

And if you’re thinking “Oh, that’s so obvious that the player has to have a theme in order to complete the game,” then you’re wrong. It’s not so obvious, but the player has to complete each house in that theme.

The player’s theme is determined by the number of houses they complete. For example, the player that completes the game with only 13 houses will have a theme of Splitvillas. The player with only 11 houses will have a theme of Houses.

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