World News: The U.S. government is investigating how a man who claimed to be a CIA agent used social media to make at least one deadly threat against President Trump. Authorities believe the man, who lives in California and is accused of making threats on Instagram, is a lone wolf who has not been formally identified. The U.S. government is also investigating if the “fake” threats were real.

The government is apparently concerned that the man was using social media to make threats against the president. The man’s account was discovered following a tip from the FBI. In the past, the FBI has used social media as a tool for identifying known threats.

Trump was a big deal last year when he was elected president, but he’s not the only one who’s been a target of some sort of threat recently. In fact, the FBI is also cracking down on threats against celebrities and political figures. In August, the FBI arrested a man with four bomb threats and he was charged with making threats on Instagram, threatening to blow up a Trump rally in Philadelphia and threats to kill Trump. He was also charged with threatening to kill himself with a bomb.

The FBI has been cracking down on threats for some time now. But the ones against politicians are very rare and have been linked to ISIS. But Trump is not the only person who’s been targeted recently. Earlier this month, the FBI arrested a man in Texas after he threatened to kill “any one of your assholes” who called Trump a “son of a bitch.” That particular threat was made before he became president of the US.

What can we learn from these threats? What’s the message? And what can we do about them? One thing that the FBI’s new “Extreme Threats” program has taught us is that our politicians are constantly looking for “easy targets.” That’s not good for our country.

In the news, we see that our politicians have finally started talking to us about some of the threats that we face every day. Recently, we saw a picture of the man who threatened to kill any one of your assholes who called Trump a son of a bitch. The FBI was able to get him to admit to sending the threat via text message. They then spent time with him talking to him in person.

With that said, we can’t be sure where the photo originated, but it seems to be on Twitter. There was no news about the incident until news broke that it was a hoax.

That may be true. A tweet claiming to be from the FBI asking a man to admit to a text message hoax, and then later making a public confession about it, is somewhat unusual. What really is unusual is the fact that it was a hoax. Why was it a hoax? Well, the man who threatened the FBI is not someone with a lot of street cred. He really doesn’t seem to have an allegiance to the FBI or the FBI’s mission.

This was on CNN, and we know that people are reacting to the news stories that have been reported out of the mainstream media. In a Twitter-like way, it seems like the media has been reacting to the first news that has been reported.

So, it’s a hoax. But for the right person to do it, it could be a way to earn some money. If you see the video, it shows the guy sitting in his car, making a phone call, and then a police car pulls up, pointing a gun at him. The only part that seems to be fake is the car, and that is what would make it funny.

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