A new fence installation in Oklahoma City costs between 2,000 USD to 2,600 USD, depending on its size, material type, etc. The best way to avoid incurring that cost, and the inconvenience associated with a new installation, is to have your fence painted every few years. 

But painting your fence is not the only reason behind hiring house painters oklahoma city. Your home’s interiors deserve as much attention as its exteriors, especially areas like the trims, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and basement. 

You should if you haven’t had your home painted in a long time. Here are some things to know before proceeding.

Reasons to paint your home in Oklahoma City

Keeps pests at bay 

Painting your home has a lot of advantages. It keeps pests at bay, which is necessary for Oklahoma as the city has more than 540 insects, including roaches, that can damage your paint. 

High humidity 

Another reason to get your home painted from time to time is the city’s high humidity. Although it’s miles from the beaches, the winds from the south of Texas carry a lot of moisture. High humidity is extremely bad for paint, causing brown or white spots (surfactant leaching) and altering its protective qualities.

Increases the home value 

Getting your home painted in Oklahoma City increases its value by almost 3,000 USD. It is better to choose an experienced painter who can assure you that the paintwork lasts at least five years.

Improves the air quality 

According to the American Lung Association, Oklahoma also has one of the worst types of air pollution, like ozone and particle pollution. Certain types of paint, for example, those with lower amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC), are known to improve indoor air quality using nanoparticles. 

What services do painters provide?


The interiors cover various home areas, including the trims, kitchen, ceiling, basement, cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen. Painting each of these is as important as the other and contributes equally to enhancing your home’s appearance.

Oklahoma ranks third in the top ten states in the USA prone to excessive mold growth. Painting your bathroom is necessary to prevent the growth and formation of mold. The presence of antimicrobial additives in the paint lends it mildew inhibiting properties that stop mold from growing. 

Painting the trim is essential because having an unpainted one in a fully-painted home ruins its overall appearance. Walls and trims painted with the same color make the room appear larger than its current size. 

Exterior Services

These include fence and deck staining and painting, both of which are necessary to enhance a home’s appearance. Painting your deck is necessary because it enhances its appearance, extends its longevity, and ensures it retains its color. 

The cost of restructuring a deck in Oklahoma City varies between 16 USD to 32 USD per square foot. Instead of incurring those expenses, it is easier to paint it every few years. 

Best time to paint your house

Most people and house painters in Oklahoma City prefer painting a home’s exteriors and interiors during early summers and fall when the temperature fluctuations are at their lowest. 


Before hiring house painters in Oklahoma City, you should ensure they have the necessary insurance documents, offer a warranty period, and use the best paint brands, colors, and sheens that fit your budget. Painting your house increases its longevity and appearance, which is why you should take it seriously. 


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