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The price of the shares in Zomato’s Class A business has gone down over the past month, according to a Reuters analysis of the company’s latest earnings report. The current price is about $9.36, down from the $9.61 it was trading at over a year ago. That’s down from the price of $11 at the end of last quarter. The market’s reaction to the situation is not entirely out of character for the company.

The company has been very cautious about how much it’s willing to share about its business. This caution reflects the fact that it has to explain how much revenue each of its businesses, from mobile coupons to the delivery of wine, is making. When I asked if the company was willing to share its revenue breakdown for the mobile coupons business, the response was a little confusing.

The company has a revenue breakdown for the mobile coupons business. It breaks it down as follows (please note the bolded text): We deliver over 250,000 coupons a month to mobile users. The company is a very small company and for the most part we are not able to pay our employees a living wage. This is why we only get paid when we have a coupon delivered to us.

zomato’s revenue breakdown is pretty big, and that’s because it’s a company that can hire a lot of people. It was always possible that they were just trying to put together a figure for the size of their business, but it seems unlikely that that has changed.

We’re not sure exactly how much revenue the company makes, but we do know that its a fairly small amount. We believe that the company has around $5m to $10m in revenue.

In the last year Zomato has increased their user base by about 10%. To put that in perspective, this makes them the third biggest app in China after WeChat and Weibo, and they only have about 20 million users worldwide, about half of which are in China. I have no idea how much they actually make, but I have no idea how big of a profit they make either.

I’m not sure how much the company makes, but what I do know is that Zomato has a lot of user base in China. I’m sure they can probably get more user bases from other countries. Just because it doesn’t sell in the US doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable.

I do have a lot of respect for zomato and I am a huge fan of their growth. But I also have no idea how much they make.

Im not sure how large, but I do know that in the last week they have seen a huge increase in shares in the grey market. It’s so hard to get good leads in this game, because you don’t know what you’re doing. And they are constantly throwing out new product. I think that makes it so easy to get leads.

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